Teacher : Mesili Lamia .

Module : English

Facutly of information , communication and audiovisual sciences

Learning purposes:

1. To enable students to read and understand AV academic writings.

2. To enable students to discern different components of an AR.

3. To acquire how to structure an academic writing.

4. To learn how to translate an AV research abstract from Arabic to English.

5. To produce an AV academic writing in English .

6. To develop an independent and critical thinking .

· Target public: 2nd year master students of AV
What is English course about ?

This course includes a group of diverse, coherent and integrated lessons addressed to the students of Media and Communication faculty.

It gives the student a solid foundation of the English language aspects such as speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with a particular focus on using English naturally .Moreover , it enables the student to carry on his training in this language, and to improve his level so that he can perfectly monitor language skills and thus communicate optimally orally and in writing, using the language of his specialization (ESL) or the general English language.

Learning purposes:

1-To enable the student to interact linguistically in the best way.

2- To help students distinguish between the language of his specialization and the general English language.

3- To overcome the obstacle of reading and building correct understanding.

4- To enable the student to write in the media field.

5- To teach the student not to think in his mother tongue and to express himself in English, because each has its own genius.

-Prerequisite :

· Mastering of the four crucial skills; namely, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

· Target public: 1st year master students of Press Department.